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Friday, August 30, 2013

Homework Assignment

This was an actual assignment that I had for class. The assignment was to choose a photo (from a series of 5 that were provided) and write a story as to what happened leading up to the photo being taken, and what happened after. Any perspective that you want and in any tone you want. So, as I was writing, I had to inquire into some creative freedom. My professor basically said "go for it", so I did. Excuse the expletives. :) Also, there's no title. Sorry. LOL

Here's the image that I chose

Here's my story:
          Every day lately, it seems to be the same thing: day in and day out. Everybody wants to make a name for themselves. But that they don’t understand is that while their “making a point”, they’re taking me away from my family.  My wife cooked my favorite dinner, but do I get to eat it? No.  Why? Cause I’m standing here, looking at these punks that want to protest.  I have to take away from tucking my kids in because I have to work.  “It’s all a part of the job” they tell me.  Tell that to my family. 
Hey Johnson!” One of the guys says to me as we pull up to the building. I gave the most disgruntled “fuck off” waves that I could muster back in his direction.   “This should be a peaceful one tonight they said” he said to me as I was getting out of the car.  “I sure hope so, I would like to sleep in my bed tonight” I tell him as I pull out my task force vest and shield.  ‘I’d so much rather be at home’ I tell myself…well, here goes nothing
We all get in line, arm to arm and shield to shield.  Why won’t these kids just go home?? I say as I brace myself for what is getting ready to come next. *snap* a flash goes off and it hurts my eyes.  Somebody just took a picture.  
“Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s time for you all to go on home” Chief says over a bullhorn as he walks in front of us. It’s loud and in my ear, but I’m already in defense mode.  I look over the crowd standing in front of me. There are at least 20 of them and 30 of us.  The one on the ground yells back “No justice, no peace. Tell your men to go home. We’re not going anywhere until our voices are heard”.
“Look, I’m not going to say it again. You all need to go on home!” Chief said again “We don’t want things to go left field and we can all have a good night.” Just then, something came flying through the air in our direction.  ‘What the fuck is that’ I said to myself. Then more started coming. These little ass holes had bags of dog shit and they were throwing them at us! Really?!
 “Draw your weapons and protect yourself at all costs!” we heard yelled. We knew what that meant. Shields drawn and gear in place. It was time for battle and we were in an all-out attack with some damn kids.
No sooner than I got over what happened, they started running towards us with bats and who knows whatever else. We’re using the shields and gear to protect ourselves from this chaos, trying to not really hurt anybody but not get hurt.  And all the while, this little shit is still sitting on the ground in that same damn spot not saying a word.  I want to pull my gun out and scare the living daylights out of him.  Everything about him is smug.  From the sinister grin on his face to the way he’s sitting here watching these people put themselves in jail or worse.  He doesn’t care anything about these people.  He’s out here for something else…something doesn’t quite sit well with me about him. 
Just then, my suspicions were right…the little shit stood up and pulled off his hoodie. Strapped to his chest was pound after pound of explosives.  “NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE! Meet me in hell mother fuckers!” “BOOOOOOMB!!!” Everybody (officers and protestors alike) screamed. They had no idea…They really had no idea! All of the fighting ceased and we took off after him. But before anyone could get to him, he did it. I covered my face with my shield and BOOM! There was blood, charred flesh and limbs everywhere. Blood ran down my shield from somebody, I don’t even have an idea who’s.  The entire area was covered in smoke and his lifeless mass was on the ground, right in the same damn place where he sat.  I turned around to see who was alive behind me.  Just about everybody was gone: chief, all of the protestors, camera crew from the news that came out, reporters. (I didn’t even see them) It looks like the entire block was taken out. Cars were on fire. It was nothing but a pure mess.
A drip fell and hit my eyelashes…then another. What is this? I said to myself. I touched my face and saw that it was blood. I immediately dropped my shield and felt my head. ‘where was it?’ I felt around and there was a big gaping hole where my helmet was. All I felt was wet.  The more I panicked, the more tired I became. Soon I felt myself falling. I tried to steady myself, but it my arms didn’t work. All the while, blood was dripping into my eyes.  I didn’t even feel myself hit the ground. The only thing I saw and felt was the black abyss of death.

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