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Monday, March 12, 2012

You Win

You aren't close to me yet, but you've already invaded my personal space. The mere thought of you is with me. And it must be the vividness of my imagination that's playing tricks on me.  Making me want you. The wind blows and I feel the caress of your lips on my neck. I can hear the memory of your voice whispering in my ear. How in the world is this possible? You aren't supposed to have this kind of effect on me...but then again I guess you are. Lord have mercy! What have you done to me sir. Time has brought us closer. No longer do I have the safety of the ocean separating us...your here, we're here, face to face, only minutes apart from one another. You've distracted me from my daily routine, but I love it. I love waking up and smiling at the thought of your thoughts of me. Giddy like a high school girl whose fallen in love for the first time. And yet having the yearning of a woman in need. As much as I shouldn't, I crave you. You've turned that emotional valve on full force and now I can't help myself. I called myself not letting myself go and keepin my cool, but you got me. You got me right where you want me. You win. LOL.