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Monday, May 29, 2017

Bible Study Notes from 5/17/17 - Class Is In Session

"Class Is In Session"

1 Corinthians 3:6-7 (5-9)(KJV)

We're moving into a dispensation of time where the people of God are in competition with one another
-Want to outpreach, outprophesy, outexpound, outteach

Prophesy everywhere
-Disguised as an opportunity to grow the church
   *Divide and conquer

Everyone wants to be deep and powerful

Everyone wants to draw a crowd, but who's doing the work to keep them

Who's taking the time to lay the roots?

Who's working with their leaders to draw to God and the kingdom instead of themselves?

We're undercutting true leadership in our own efforts to be great
-God called ME

FB post
-Plucking up the seed before it gets any roots
-Offended when people don't receive us like it's OUR Word
-Take it personal when we're just the mouthpiece

Apollos: A Jew (Acts 18:24)
-meaning: "One who destroys/destroyer"
-Studies show he was a teacher

(Ended up being a part of the class and not the notes LOL)
2 different types of teacher (Office of teacher)

Instructor: Brings practical application to the lesson to help to understand

Trainer: First partaker of the programs they prescribe

"The Teaching Ministry: An Introduction to The Teaching Office and Gift" by Roderick L. Evans"

(Back to formal notes LOL)

Apollos made his life's work to teach the Words of Christ as the Messiah
-"Bold" speaker
-Didn't back down
 *Probably too aggressive at first

Didn’t even know the extent of the work of the Messiah at first 
-teachings of John the Baptist

Priscilla and Aquilla
-Took the time to teach him the rest of the work

The made sure he knew the extent of what he was teaching
-only so much that John the Baptist could teach/preach on

Full understand
-Accurate teaching

Acts 18:27-28 (KVJ and NIV)

He spoke so accurately and boldly, that it established his reputation was established
-people spoke on his behalf 

He boldly "refuted" the very people he came from
-He didn't just proclaim Jesus, he showed them, in the Word, where the information was
-He studied to SHOW

Can't ask God to put you on a platform when you didn't do the work to build the foundation that the platform sits on

It's easy to preach and get someone excited
-Teach the people something

Difference between Paul and Apollos
-Paul was great in his own right
-without the work of Apollos, he wouldn't have been as effective

5 Fold ministry
-Teachers are the foundation
-typically the least desired office/call

"I planted, Apollos watered"
-Paul acknowledged that the conjoined efforts of their ministries made the impact

Seed planting gets them in the door
-the watering establishes the roots

In order to stet the stage properly, we have to study and know what we're saying

Hosea 10:12

Fallow ground isn't attitude and disposition

Fallow ground -> incorrect teaching

NIV calls it "Unplowed ground"

AMP calls it "uncultivated ground"

Message says "till the ready earth"

When ground is tilled, it's literally flipped
-fresh soil on top

Fresh soil cultivates life and growth

The Word gives repetitive requests and admonitions to get into His Word
-Search Me
-Study to show
-Feed My sheep

He wants us to understand the vitality of His Word
-All of it
-Exactly as it's written

Word is a contractual agreement
-Contract in court

Can't paraphrase to fit our case
-verbatim is the stipulated clause

Class action suits

Jury duty
-Take info at face value
-Don't try to reinterpret

His Word governs how He moves

Isaiah 55:11

When you don't study it and misquote it, you nullify it

The very scripture that gives warning to this is the very one that is so often misquoted

"Try the spirits by the spirit"
-Not what it says

1 John 4:1
"...try the spirits, whether they are of God"
-no version says it the other way

References scriptures to this
Jeremiah 29:8
Matthew 24:4-5

*Wisdom component*

-Don't become dogmatic because you know

"With lovingkindness have I drawn thee" (Jeremiah 31:3)

-that’s what they brought to each other (Paul and Apollos)

Each role is imperative
-Can't plant and expect a dry seed to grow
-Can't water a seed that's not planted and expect it to grow

Kingdom building is a collaborative effort

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