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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Fight to Write (This is incomplete for now)

I fight to write, because my write is my fight. But lately my inability to write, seems to be my plight. I feel the Lord trying and desiring to use me. To take my fingers and move them as they are His. For I hear Him telling me now if only you’ll write, then you’ll begin to see My plan for your life. So now I sit and allow my fingers to graze across the familiarity of the keys that play the notes and songs of my ministry. Allowing myself to minister unto my Lord. Thinking how amazing must it have been to be the anointed poet that David had been. Its one thing to be talented with words, but to pen the thoughts of God in such a distinct way creates such an amazing feeling that I’m sure I can’t even begin to try to imagine. For, my own encounters in the miniscule way that they’ve been, are nothing short of amazing.