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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bible study notes from February 16, 2017

Bible study lesson - Temporary Insanity 2/16/17

Glimpses of someone running through dark halls. Yelling for freedom, but unsure of where to go.  Feeling around don walls and reaching for doorknobs that aren't there.

"Right here" you hear a voice say. You look around like the voice is talking to you, but you realize the voice is talking to the one running through the halls. They stop and their head moves from side to side, trying to hear where the voice is coming from.

"Right here" you hear again. But this time it's more distinct. You're able to distinguish the direction and you look toward the voice and see an open door in the distance. A bright light at the end of the dark hall. So you try to reach for the person that is now in a full out panic. But you can't seem to get to them.

You start to yell for them to find the door. You're completely dumbfounded as to how something so simple is so oblivious.

You watch this horror unfold before your eyes as you see the person that was so frantic, sitting against the wall full of tears. Sitting so close, but apparently so far.

All the while, the voice keeps saying, "Right here" "right here". The light seems to get brighter as you get more frustrated at what you're seeing. The hurt, the frustration, and the try again. Each time, seeming to travel right on the edge of the light. Hunting through the darkness; completely oblivious to the freedom that is right before them.

How in the world are they missing this? How can something so obvious be so hard to find? It frustrates you to watch such a debacle happen before your eyes. You try to figure out a way to help them, but it seems like there is a boundary line between you and them. You watch them to the point that it becomes pure anguish to see. Constantly pacing, panicking, missing the very thing that is right before their eyes.

You clearly see the way. You hear the voice, but for some reason, there's missing it. They hear the voice, and they turn to where it sounds like it's coming from. Where it just might be, but they can't find it.

"How do they get out?" you finally ask the Lord. His reply is simple...

"They just have to open their eyes"

Isaiah 29:13-21 (KJV, AMP)

*It's easy to take this piece and equate it to pain and struggle.
 -Pain is familiar
 -hurt is the easy thing

*Bur the wanderer that's frantic in this piece is your anointing and your call
 -Your spirit man
 -your gifting, your calling

*Spent so much time looking at the wrong and the past, that we miss where we are now.

*God has delivered out of the past things and kindled the fire fo our giftings, but we're right of the edge of that light trying to figure out why wer haven't moved to the next phase.

*With all the Word and prophesy that's coming forth, we're running in the moment and telling God that we availing ourselves to Him.
 -But when we get home, our minds have already travelled to the next thing on our agenda (work, school, children, Sunday dinner, etc.)
 -By Wednesday, we don't even remember what was spoken on Sunday.

*We don't want to study or pay
 -So focused on being "new", that we're misssing what the "new" consists of

(End of verse 13)
 (Reverence for me is a tradition...)
    All on tradition, and we don't even understand the history behind the tradition that we're carrying on with

*We're trying to feel our way through instead of taking the time to see

*Frustrated with the ebbs and flows of ministry and our own anointing
 -This should be easy
 -This is what we do/what we've always done

*Different dispensation of time
 -God is requiring more
 -Requiring a true heart sacrifice
 -"Will you be the sacrifice"

*Focusing on the eyar of 2017 being one of prosperity and excess for the body of Christ
 -missing the objedience of the body too

*We can't depend on what we knew things to be
 -Diffence between the Old and New Testament with this move
 -The end result is the same, but the process is way different

Verse 14-16 (AMP)

*No longer business as usual
 -We've become the founders/elders
 -We've become hte ones that lay the foundation

*Remove the cocoon
 -Step out and spread wings

*It's time to identify who we are in Him
 -Full sacrifice
 -"Ive call you and qualified you for what I've called you to"

*Confused freedom with a place where we don't have to work
 -Myself in cluded
 -Relay Race - we're all 4 legs of our race

*I've overcome! I've made it! I survived!
 -Now what?

*Lord I wanna be great!
 -Sit on our hands with our mouth sealed shut
 -The anointing requires work

*Example of spirit man behind wall
  (Saw a figure standing behind a wall with it's arms out. The image was glowing bright. But there were dark gashes that weren't radiating any light. The Word was floating out of air like bandages and covering the gashes. Gashes and dark spots were complete healed)
 -Dark gashes healed with the Word
 -But still behind the wall

*Removing bricks
 -Takes force
 -Takes Determination
 -Can't tear down with hands
 -Requires machinery to ensure the strength required to do the job.

*Your heart is the wrecking ball to that wall
 -The uniting of the heart with the mouth breaks the barrier

*Hand sitting inbetween hands as you're trying to clap
 -Clapping is sign of praise and adulation
 -Hand between hands prevents a proper praise

*Will you let your heart break the wall

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