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Monday, October 8, 2012

I miss...

Your smile, your touch, your hugs, and your kiss...the look in your eye when you tell me I'm beautiful, and being the one your heart longs for. I miss your passion and your love. The way your fingers graze across the keys ever so lightly when your deep in thought. I miss the good morning text messages and the ones to say good night. How your nostrils flare when your thinking too hard or frustrated. I miss your drive and dedication. I miss fussing about how much you work but inwardly admiring your ethic. I miss sitting up at night on the phone or computer blushing at the way you smile. And waking up the next morning with the biggest smile at the mere thought of your name. I miss the butterflies in my stomach when I know you'll be near and the smile that creeps at the corner of my lips when I hear your name. I miss your strength and the authoritative way you speak. Your encouraging words and you making me go to sleep (lol). I miss the silly conversations that seem to never end, and feeling the nervous excitement like a teenager when your ringtone rings. I miss the talks of the future and all that it would bring. Looking back through the years thinking this man is the answer to my dreams. I miss glancing to my left and seeing you stare back at me. Making my cheeks blush because I know that just for a moment, I'm all that you see.